FEP heat-shrinkable tubing

We manufacture FEP heat-shrinkable tubing basically in two different shrinkage ratios of 1.3:1 and 1.6:1. Our FEP heat-shrinkable tubing is easy to process and has a very smooth surface. Our FEP heat-shrinkable tubing is applied, for example, in the food industry to protect UV spotlights or luminaries and to provide a coating for conveyor rollers and rollers, in the chemical industry to protect sight glasses or level sensors, in electrical applications for insulation, in medical technology as a “sliding medium” in endoscopic applications and in the printing industry to coat printing rollers.

We are manufacturers of tubing and heat-shrinkable tubing and therefore offer an extensive range of standard dimensions, which can usually be supplied at short notice and in smaller quantities. Apart from our standard dimensions, we also manufacture customised dimensions that are perfectly tailored to your product. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Overview of the most important properties of our FEP heat-shrinkable tubing

  • easy to apply
  • UV-resistant
  • food-safe
  • temperature resistant between -100°C and 205°C
  • highly transparent
  • sterilizable
  • anti-adhesive


Safety instructions:

Avoid temperatures above 330°C during processing. The decomposition temperature of PTFE is reached at this point. Fluoropolymer fever and other secondary manifestations are possible. Process PTFE heat-shrinkable tubing only when a suitable exhaust system is in place.


The optimum processing window for our PTFE heat-shrinkable tubing is between 160°C and 220°C.
It is recommended to use ring nozzles, stationary or conveyor ovens for shrinking
Objects with a diameter of 15mm or more should always be shrunk from the centre to the ends.


1. The heat-shrinkable tubing is not tightly attached to the object

If temperature is applied to the heat-shrinkable tubing from the outside, the heat-shrinkable tubing isolates the temperature from the object. In this case, the object is too cold and cools the heat-shrinkable tubing from the inside. Consequently, it does not fit tightly onto the object.

The heating should be continued for a longer period of time in order to heat up the processed object accordingly.

2. The processed object is “wavy”after shrinking

Any visible waves that appear on the shrunken object are usually air inclusions. The best way to avoid this is to reduce the temperature and at the same time increase the exposure time. If this does not prove effective, the shrinking process should be initiated from the centre of the processed object. Start from the centre and proceed to both sides. This will force excess air out to the ends.

In the event that waves persist, it is possible that the contracted object is “outgassing”. In this case, please contact us to solve the problem jointly.

3. The heat-shrinkable tubing ruptures during the shrinking process

The polymer is soft and fragile throughout the shrinking process. The heat-shrinkable tubing may crack if the objects are very sharp-edged. The same applies to selective overheating in the course of the shrinking process. If the product is subject to repeated damage, try using the next larger size. In many cases, the problem will resolve itself.

However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with the application of our heat-shrinkable tubing. It is also possible to provide your products with a coating in our company.

FEP Schrumpfschläuche zur Walzenbeschichtung


Expanded I.D. (mm)

Shrunk I.D. (mm)

Wall thickness after max. Shrinkage (mm)

Tol. Wall thickness  (+/-mm)

Rec. Object Diameter (mm)

Item No.

FSW 019 19,20 14,90 0,50 0,05 15,10-19,00 33121920149001
FSW 025 25,20 18,90 0,50 0,05 19,00-25,00 33122520189001
FSW 032 33,25 24,90 0,50 0,05 25,00-33,00 33123325249001
FSW 042 43,25 32,80 0,50 0,05 33,00-43,00 33124325328001
FSW 051 53,25 42,80 0,50 0,05 43,00-53,00 33125325428001
FSW 063 66,25 52,80 0,50 0,05 53,00-66,00 33126625528001
FSW 078 79,35 65,80 0,50 0,05 66,00-79,00 33127935658001
FSW 089 89,35 78,80 0,50 0,05 79,00-89,00 33128935788001
FSW 110 110,50 88,60 0,50 0,05 89,00-110,00 331211050886001