Hoses with laser marking

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In the past months camite has developed a new laser marking process to series production readiness. Today we are able to mark our hoses, in perfect quality with all important information.

This process does not require any fillers or additives that could contaminate the product. No matter whether you want marking on FEP, PFA, ETFE or PVDF hoses; with camitec, the implementation is quick and easy. Company logos, distance markings and other product information can be easily applied to any hose. The marking is sharp, abrasion-resistant and durable. Clear labeling of all parts installed in a system is becoming increasingly important, especially with regard to later disposal of the correct type of material.

In production and in the spare parts business, clear labeling helps to correctly assign components.

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Camitec is the first company able to technically implement the labeling of fluoropolymers without additives and at this quality level.

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