As a company that thinks in the long-term, camitec views careful resource management to keep potential environmental damage to a minimum as part of its remit of corporate responsibility.Thinking and acting in the long term are integral parts of our corporate strategy and our social responsibility.


In addition to energy savings and efficiency gains, we use sustainable production methods to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a top priority for camitec, in an attempt to avoid producing emissions in the first place. We choose not to buy allowances as a matter of principle, but rather avoid producing greenhouse gases in the first place. This begins with our product development and the process of selecting components. Our processes, systems, and buildings are state-of-the-art.

Energy-saving production and building technology


We set strict standards for the planning and operation of our buildings and technology. A special focus is placed on ensuring the use of the most modern and environmentally friendly building technology available.


Sustainable construction means implementing all necessary measures to ensure the conservation of resources and that energy use is reduced. Camitec is thus pursuing its sustainability strategy in a forward-looking manner.

Environmentally-friendly building technology
  • Instead, we are reducing fossil fuel use and switching to renewable sources of energy.
  • Further expansion of our sites with PV systems
  • Sourcing 100% of our electricity needs from renewable sources
  • Optimized thermal insulation, insulating glass windows, and modern air conditioning technology
  • Modern cooling circuits in production and waste heat recovery measures
  • Energy-saving LED lighting throughout the building
Conserving resources
  • The use of state-of-the-art and highly-efficient production facilities
  • Optimized and restructured processes in both production and logistics
  • Avoiding unnecessary packaging waste
  • Optimization of the external transport of our goods
  • Sustainable planning and implementation of production process
  • Minimizing the printing of documents and the use of environmentally friendly paper


Regardless of the way we get to work, we offer supportive measures to try and reduce CO2 emissions. However, we also aim to make mobility within our headquarters in Recklinghausen, and the journeys between the individual company sites as resource-efficient as possible. With our fleet of vehicles, we are significantly reducing CO2 emissions as we rely to 90% on electrification for our company cars and pool of vehicles.

Energy-efficient processes

Our goal is to continuously optimize our processes, whether in the production or experiment setting. Especially during the non-productive periods, we aim to reduce our energy consumption to a minimum and therefore regularly subject our production processes to testing.


Thanks to our innovative solutions, we achieve high operational efficiency at our production plants. Via the Green Technology Label, granted to a large number of our extrusion lines, we have managed to combine reliability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness.


Green Technology is synonymous with energy efficiency and energy savings in extrusion technology.


This is our contribution to protecting our environment.


Embark on new paths Together with us to ensure improved profitability.
Protecting our environment – because it’s the only one we have.

Results of the energy-saving measures

Despite us doubling the quantities produced within the last year, the consumption of water, electricity, and heating energy have been significantly reduced:


The water consumption (cubic meters) for each meter of tubing produced has been reduced. In absolute terms, water consumption has fallen by >30%


The power consumption (kilowatt-hours) for each meter of tubing produced has been reduced by >20%.

Heating energy

Heating energy (kilowatt-hour) has been reduced by >10% for each meter of tubing produced.

Environmental certification

The Landbell Dual System

Using a sustainability strategy firmly anchored in everyday life, we try to participate in climate and environmental protection in a consequent and future-oriented manner.


At camitec, targeted resource, energy, and emission savings are made using controlled recycling and are an expression of sustainable economic activity.


camitec contributes effectively to the reduction of greenhouse gases and thus decisively to climate protection by participating in the dual system for the recycling of packaging at Landbell.


Regarding the kind of material used to pack and ship the merchandise, which we were the first to place on the market in Germany, our company has ensured the fulfillment of its legal obligations in accordance with § 7 VerpackG, by participating in the nationwide system run by Landbell AG, Mainz.


Our No.:
ZSVR-Number: DE4772508314326



Paperless office

As part of our sustainability strategy, we are currently converting a large number of our processes to a “paperless office” system. The goal is to replicate all internal processes digitally and to manage without the use of paper in the medium term.

Should the use of paper nevertheless be deemed necessary, camitec only uses paper that comes from responsible forest management and that has not been mixed with paper from controversial sources.

The environmental protection labeling of products thus ensures responsible forest management!


Our team of specialists is on hand to advise you.