Micro Tubing

We produce tubes in the smallest dimensions and with smallest tolerances
In medical technology, increasingly difficult tubes are used to protect the patient as much as possible. In the fields of microfluidics, microanalytics, and diagnostics the use of increasingly miniaturized tubing is more common.


We produce microtubing using a broad range of different materials. We use typical materials, such as polyurethane (PU) and polyamides (PA), as well as types of all high-temperature thermoplastics, such as PFA, FEP, PEEK, and PTFE. These types of high-temperature materials can be applied at a temperature of up to 300 °C. These materials are characterized by their high levels of chemical resistance, bending stiffness, UV stability, physiological compatibility, and sterilizability.


We extrude hoses with an inner diameter of 0.1 mm, an outer diameter of 0.3 mm, and a wall thickness of 0.07 mm.


Best-in-class tolerance ±0,03

Minumum Extrusion CPK 1.33

Ultra Thin Wall Extrusion 0,10