Innovative tubing and heat-shrinkable tubing solutions made from fluoropolymers

We manufacture tubing and heat-shrinkable tubing using fluoroplastics and other high-performance polymers



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As a manufacturer of tubing, we specialize in everything
that moves fluids.

We develop products and solutions to make working easier and more efficient.
State-of-the-art technical systems, in-depth knowledge, and the successful implementation of innovations are important prerequisites for setting new standards.

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camitec – FEP PFA PVDF PTFE tubing

Areas of activity
  • Extruded tubing
  • Heat-shrinkable tubing
  • Profiles
  • Colored tubing
  • Other types of tubing
  • Post-processing / Assembly
Who are we?
Camitec GmbH is a technology, quality and customer-oriented company, and manufacturer of custom products for the high-tech sector.
What we do

We produce complex products for our customers of the highest quality in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

We offer high-quality tubing, heat-shrinkable tubing, profiles, solutions and services encompassing the complete range of fluoroplastics.

Why Camitec?

+ in-house production
+ continuous inline monitoring
+ DIN ISO 9001 certification
+ in-house toolmaking
+ high flexibility
+ tailored solutions
+ short delivery times
= customer satisfaction



Mechanical engineering and

Mechanical engineering, toolmaking, printing, and automation industries. Fluids must be transported – in a precise and stable manner

Aggressive media, lubricants, and cooling fluids are the central supply systems for manufacturing machines in the mechanical engineering, toolmaking, print, and automation sectors. High temperatures place special demands on the transport media.

Factors such as thermal conductivity, compressive strength, tensile strength, and dielectricity (electrical conductivity) play a central role. Heat-shrinkable is used in situations where copper cables or steel pipes need to be protected against environmental influences.

The chemical and
pharmaceutical industries
Fluids must be transported – constantly and with low risk.

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries require the transport of large amounts of liquid substances. This transport must be dependable in the long term.

In particular, characteristics such as abrasive behavior (the wear on the material), or the degree of crystallization (hardening during the formation and growth of crystals) are of great importance in these areas. Therefore, the choice of raw materials presents a crucial decision.

The water, medical and
Food industry
Fluids need to be transported – in a clean and agile manner.

In the water, medical and food industries, liquids and gases must be transported quickly and cleanly to their destination.

FDA-compliant (Food and Drug Administration) Food
and pharmaceuticals) Raw materials and the correct further processing place the central focus on elementary tubing manufacturing know-how.

Anti-adhesive properties (no sticking to surfaces), and low-friction products are indispensable in this area.


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